Frontier Geospatial,LLC

Services and Projects

Sewer network map

GIS Data Creation and Editing

Frontier Geospatial can help you with all your GIS data creation and editing needs. We have mapped everything from water and sewer networks to land parcels to 100+ year old mining records. If your data has any kind of spatial component (an address, GPS coordinates, listed on an old hard copy map) we can map it and give the mapped features the attributes you need to analyze your data and use it to help make decisions.

UAV flights, data creation, and sales

Frontier Geospatial offers a wide variety of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drone) services. Our eBee UAV is capable of collecting hundreds of acres of images in a day, and once processed those images provide highly accurate, high resolution aerial photos and elevation data.

If you would prefer to fly for yourself Frontier Geospatial would be more than happy to provide sales and support for your eBee and even process and analyze the data you collect.

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Frontier Geospatial has partnered with CalAmp, an industry leader in automatic vehicle location. We can provide solutions that will allow you to track your organization's vehicles and large equipment, show when they are in use, when they leave pre-defined area, and even allow you to log and track engine maintenance warnings.

Web Maps

If you need to have your spatial data displayed on your website Frontier Geospatial can help. We can create everything from simple webviewers to more indepth web portals. For government customers we can help host your data on our partner 39 Degrees North's web platform Elevate. Elevate gives government organizations tools to provide data both to citizens and to their own internal users.

Database Creation and Analysis

If your database currently consists of a folder full of spreadsheets Frontier Geospatial can help you organize your data in a true relational database system. If you already have your data in a database but aren't able to answer the questions that come up in your day to day business Frontier Geospatial can help. Our team has experience with MS Access, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MySQL.